Privacy Policy

Of Company


We (smart clipping path service) are presenting a privacy policy to clients that a detailed description of how and where information will use, disclosure, security, and all other stuff. It's written based on the collection and use of the information. If necessary we can change the company's policy. If any situation arises the company's policy has to be changed, it will be subjectively changed. Afterward, all service receiving person and organization will get a notification about the changes in the policy. We usually do all kinds of photo editing work. Some of our best services are clipping path, multi path, neck joint, shadow service, image retouching, color correction, exposure correction, jewelry retouching, image masking, photo restoration, image manipulation & raster to vector service. The location of our company is in Bangladesh.

If you share any information through web, email or any media the information will be saved in the database of smart clipping path service company. The given information will be handled and controlled carefully by the company.

The information we will collect from you are:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Contact information
  • Web address
  • Demographic address

We will only use your photos for performing your mentioned work. Your provided photos will not be used anywhere without your permission.

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